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Welcome to BSCA LIONS FC website, an incredible grassroot football and community orientated junior club run by qualified coaches and backed by a renowned champion community association in Bolton, Lancashire.

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Who is BSCA Lions F.C.?

BSCA Lions Football Club is junior Saturday League team for under 11s in Bolton, Lancashire.
The club places a great emphasis on staying fit and healthy, improving children's confidence, cohesion and a sense of belonging.
The qualified coaches and dedicated staff strive hard to provide a wonderful opportunity, for children of that age, to develop a fantastic passion, improve their skills and steadily progress....Read More


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Current Competitions

BSCA Lions FC is currently competing in the Bolton, Bury & District Football League.
It was established in 1996 to provide football to young people in Bolton and surrounding area.
One of the largest and best run leagues in UK and still growing.
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The latest photos, video clips and multimedia content of the club's training sessions, match day games, events and ad hoc activities.